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Author: Adell M Dolban

Happy Holidays!

By Adell M Dolban December 18, 2017

(courtesy of From all of us here, we want to thank you for allowing us to guide you on your healing journey...Read More

Empathy vs. Compassion

By Adell M Dolban November 20, 2017

  (Photo courtesy of: As I write this I am ten weeks in of my thirty-three-week practicum...Read More

Speak up! Talk about sexual assault!

By Adell M Dolban October 17, 2017

    Sexual assault has made it back to the forefront of the news lately. However, this does not mean that...Read More

Anyone can be sexually assaulted

By Adell M Dolban October 17, 2017

  In the midst of the media hype surrounding Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s passing in September 2017 to the demise of...Read More

Take The Wheel

By Adell M Dolban September 29, 2017

A matter of perspective: "We are the drivers of the vehicle that takes us on the road of our own destiny. We neither sit ahead...Read More

Walk-in on a Wednesday or book your intake session

By Admin May 8, 2017

  So, you do not have an appointment? No time to make one that works with your schedule? Walk-in anytime between 11 a.m....Read More

In the beginning…

By Adell M Dolban April 28, 2017

Welcome to the newly redeveloped webpage for Huma Counselling & Psychotherapy Services, which is conveniently located at the...Read More