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In the beginning…

Welcome to the newly redeveloped webpage for Huma Counselling & Psychotherapy Services, which is conveniently located at the corner of Bloor St. W. and The West Mall in Etobicoke, Ontario! I’m so glad you stopped by!

No, Huma is not my last name. Huma is actually the name of a Persian mythological bird. Nope, I’m not Persian either – I’m Ukrainian, born in Saskatchewan. In 2014 I was working on my Psychosocial Rehabilitation Certificate with St. Lawrence College and had to develop a program that encompassed all that psychosocial rehabilitation included. I have loved the phoenix symbol for most of my life – it suits my life and my resiliency factor to overcome so much, but that’s for another day. So, to find a symbol similar to, but not equaling the majestic phoenix, I found, the huma bird. “The Huma bird is said to have both the male and female natures in one body, each nature having one wing and one leg. Huma is considered to be compassionate, and a ‘bird of fortune’ since its shadow (or touch) is said to be auspicious…. Huma, hu represents spirit, and the word mah originates from the Arabic ‘Maʼa’ which means water”. (courtesy Wikipedia Spiritual in my beliefs I am, a fan of water, not necessarily, unless it involves fishing *wink*.

I adapted the logo about three years ago from a piece of drawing and colored it with the help of my (then 6-years of age) daughter. Upon completion, she realized the bird had all of the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue (and don’t forget) purple to! In the original piece my husband noted the blue over yellow representing our own Ukrainian heritage. Fancy that! Last year I wanted to redo the logo for marketing purposes. I found a website called and created a design contest. After two week, I chose the current design as the winner (then one bird on the left side became two facing birds later). A talented man named Hisham Hegazi from Cairo, Egypt designed the logo. You can follow him on facebook! Thank you Hisham!

I originally had an office located at Bloor St. W. and Islington Avenue, and after two years moved farther west to the current location and decided it was time to expand! I have an amazing eclectic and skilled team of clinicians with me who have been guided here by some unknown force in their own lives, in their own pasts and now together we do what we are all meant to do – help others heal just as we each have learned to heal individually and in our own unique way.

This is the first blog entry. You will be able to read more as time continues from a variety of contributors including members of the Huma team and anonymous entries from anyone who wants to share a piece of their story with you.

I also invite you to follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@HumaTherapy), or Instagram (t.o.localtherapist) for more of news and events at Huma Counselling & Psychotherapy Services.

We look forward to meeting you…. Somewhere, someday, somehow.

Author: Adell Dolban, MA, RP, Owner, Reg. Psychotherapist