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Take The Wheel

A matter of perspective:

“We are the drivers of the vehicle that takes us on the road of our own destiny. We neither sit ahead of the front bumper towing our way to an unknown destination (anxiety), nor do we drive facing the rear window (depression).

We use the windshield to gain clear perspective of what lies in our immediate path, glance to the side mirrors to see who is alongside on the journey with us (supports), and need only peek in the rear view mirror to see how far we have come.

All the while we have both hands on the steering wheel in complete control using the tools and gauges presented to us to help navigate our way through life.”

I wrote this article one day in the office while trying to gain my own perspective of what it was like to live with both anxious and depressive symptoms which would sometimes keep me from enjoying the moment. I’ve had clients tell me that ‘living in the moment’ is a waste of time. That unless you are focused on the future one cannot be successful.  That may be the case for some, yet I argue that focusing only on the past or the present can leave an individual experiencing periods of forgetfulness, mood instability, disconnected and a sense that ‘something is missing’.

So much in life is truly a matter of perspective – a ‘glass half-full or half-empty concept’ for many. I prefer accepting that my glass is full. Period.

I invite you to follow along as articles are written by members of my team and myself as we collectively strive to understand mental health and addictions through a variety of perspectives and viewpoints. Until then… #strivetoriseabove